La patota

LA PATOTA, an adaptation of Daniel Tinayre’s 1961 film, tells the story of Paulina, a lawyer with a flourishing career in Buenos Aires, who chooses to return to Misiones, her native province, to dedicate herself to social activity. Fernando, his father is a progressive judge who stands out in the conservative local society. Paulina begins to work on a project of “democratic education and dissemination of rights”, giving classes in peripheral areas of Posadas. After the second week of work she is attacked by a mob. Before the astonished gaze of those around her, Paulina decides to go back to work at school, in the neighborhood where she was attacked. The film is a social thriller that moves between the characters around that attack and how that violence triggers different ideas of justice.

Película – 103’

GÉNERO: thriller, suspenso

AÑO: 2015